About Me

Ok, so here we go. I have opened up my mind for you so that I can share these characters and stories that have been floating around in my head for years now. They are truly a part of me. It’s really crazy how much I care about what you, the reader think of the people and places that are part of my stories.

If you don’t know me, my name is Joshua David Ashburn, I write under the name Joshua David. So far I am unpublished professionally, but I hope in future blogs I can update and change the status on that:) I have one short story published out on the Amazon Kindle site entitled “The Survivors”. It was mainly my test run for whether or not I would like the Kindle Publishing platform.

I also have a novel out entitled Nowhere.

There are three reasons I think this will be a great platform for me to utilize:

First, I need the exposure. I need people to read me and let me know if what I write really cuts the mustard.

Second, I think it will propel me into writing more.

Third, I think it will be fun to present some of my stories in blog style so that my readers can read them in segments and await the additional episodes as I write them.

Outside of writing, I have a day job, which is something else that I’d love to update and tell you one day that writing has become my day job, but we’ll see. I work for the State of Texas, so that’s good. I have a gorgeous wife of almost twelve years, and we now have four children. We live in a small town, in a house that seems like it could be a writers house.:) It certainly invokes the imagination.

I have a degree in religion, I have a small record collection, I love camping, and I like helping people. I’ve never really done much in the way of social media and sharing my opinions on the internet, so you probably won’t find many opinion posts on here. I will, however, try to make a valiant effort to update my writing here and keep the momentum of the stories going for you. I have about twenty stories that are all in various stages of completion.

Most of all I want you to enjoy your visit to my posts and my blog site as a whole. Please let me know if there is something that needs attention or if you have any questions about any of my posts. Thanks for reading:)



Hey Everyone! Sorry I’ve been so reclusive lately. Our area got hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. We’re trying to return to normal now. I’m  happy to say that I’m writing again, which is great news.

I’m promoting my short story book, the survivors and other stories for free this weekend, starting tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll try to stay in touch.



Words Without Meaning

Words without meaning,
written for you to read,
They rhyme, but then again it’s forced,
like a line that ends in seed.

All this to catch your eye,
will I catch it? We shall see.
But your brain knows better,
The words are fruitless without depth.

A real poem is a touchstone to your soul,
a portal to the place in your mind you wish to know.
Do you go there often?
I can show you the way…

We start with childhood and seasons like spring,
We continue with innocence,
and places most vulnerable.
Are we there yet?

The death of your sister,
the sickness of your mother,
a time of suffering…
and of grief.

Finally we arrive at the you you,
the one with the heart,
which has hurt, and bled.
Have I touched you yet?

Your goals and dreams,
Your family your friends,

Warmth and togetherness,

Have you raised your kids with grace?

The leaves turning brown,

other visions without sound,
and suddenly to a late fall day,
and the setting of the sun.

Did you just consider your own death?

That’s what I was going for,

Perhaps I missed the mark,

But somehow I don’t think so.

I am a poem,
Read me and you’ll know you have a heart,
don’t worry it’s still there.

Beating, living, waiting for a great poem…

Hear The Thing That Rattles

Hear The Thing That Rattles : By Joshua David

Hear the thing that rattles,
See it as it turns.
The wind gives skin the tingle,
A gust bitten throat which burns.

Frozen is the dark,
By which moon shone way toward home,
But shadows of night are creeping,
And chilling to the bone.

Hear the thing that rattles,
Watch it as it comes,
Its pale eye affixed to mine,
And I never-the-which-way to run.

Dodging through the tundra,
A chance I have still yet,
To the crossing at the river,
My frozen feet must get.

Hear the thing that rattles,
Behind me still it races,
The quickening of my blood,
Is surely what it chases.

The bridge toward town I pass through,
Under shelter comes relief,
My heart is pounding fiercely,
My breath in wheezing heaps.

Hear the thing that rattles,
My mind won’t soon forget.
A cautious walk through town toward home,
Is all my journey left.

Out of wilderness, and the closing of her grip,
Out of danger, I narrowly have slipped.
In front of crackling fire, my soul now sits,
A cup of warming tea, my lips, they sip.

Hear the thing that rattles,
To my window I see it now.
Not ghost of man or beast,
But wretched creature it is somehow.

No gasp escapes me, no blinking of mine eye.
It has followed me home, and my heart sits paralyzed.
It waited outside my window, for the darkening of the moon,
And now it comes for me, soon… very soon.

Hear the thing that rattles,
Watch it… as it chews…
With not a single scream by me,
My lungs hath not air to breathe.

The light through milky twilight,
The aching and the cold.
The breath at depths of midnight,
The forest calls me home.
Hear the thing that rattles,
Watch me as I turn,
On nights when skin will tingle,
And gusts will bite and burn.

Followers of The Way

Followers Of The Way : By Joshua David


Followers in fleeting autumn days,

and whisperers in the night;

We are but few who pass this time,

in keeping with the Light.

The upright walk and courted heart,

which keeps the dark at bay;

Steel your soul, hold fast my friend,

Ye follower of The Way.

Blessed is the mind which quanders,

all His splendid gifts;

It causes not the heart to wander,

upon the sands that shift.

On solid ground is he who stands,

within the belted gap;

So fervent, broad, bold and true,

that not an ail will sap.

Carry forth the good news,

the message of our Lord,

that has been written on your heart,

today and forevermore.

Keep still and listen,

His voice is wise and true,

He whispers not to fear the end,

by then what’s due is due.

Ghost of one who has come to pass,

and is forever here,

Host of Spirit who’s been sent down;

His word our mouths declare.

You know truth, you know reason,

Don’t let the evil of this world shake you;

You know mercy, you know love,

never-the-more this world can break you.

Give great to others,

and keep little for yourself;

Your treasures are in heaven,

where every ounce is double-delt.

Treat others quite the same,

as want would be your soul,

remember brother, sister,

this is the golden rule.

Our Lord is coming!

Tis sooner the day now, as it ever was!

When every heart will joint proclaim,

blessed is the Lord, our heavenly host!

That day when every knee shall bow,

and His mighty voice will say,

“Your hearts are well with Me,

oh Followers of The Way!”


I hope you enjoyed this post. May God bless you all,   Joshua

Dreams of Life

This is how I remember,

my happiness in dreams.

I think of rain and morning;

laughter and many other things.

Things that were dear to me,

and things that have never been.

Things that I may or may not see again.

Only here… in dreams can I see,

everything in limitless collage.

It spins the web of my mind,

and traps the aspects of the day.

My mind wraps them up and saves them,

for a later time.. a later day.

And I hope the weave is strong enough,

to keep my dreams from falling away.

I dream until I wake, I dream all the night long.

These dreams they are my thoughts, they are my mind,

My existence, my life.

My dreams, they are me.