My Feature Article on the ‘Voyage Houston’ site!

Hey everybody, I hope all is well.

The website Voyage Houston has published an interview with me! It came out today. Man I’m so stoked at everything that’s been happening this year. Big stuff! If you are unfamiliar with Voyage Houston, it’s a website dedicated to discovering local artists, talent, and hangouts in the Houston area. They started over in LA and expanded to Houston and several other metro areas across the States. It’s a big deal for me, I need all the help I can get to really get my name out there!

If you have time, Check it out here: 


About Me

Ok, so here we go. I have opened up my mind for you so that I can share these characters and stories that have been floating around in my head for years now. They are truly a part of me. It’s really crazy how much I care about what you, the reader think of the people and places that are part of my stories.

If you don’t know me, my name is Joshua David Ashburn, I write under the name Joshua David. So far I am unpublished professionally, but I hope in future blogs I can update and change the status on that:) I have one short story published out on the Amazon Kindle site entitled “The Survivors”. It was mainly my test run for whether or not I would like the Kindle Publishing platform.

I also have a novel out entitled Nowhere.

There are three reasons I think this will be a great platform for me to utilize:

First, I need the exposure. I need people to read me and let me know if what I write really cuts the mustard.

Second, I think it will propel me into writing more.

Third, I think it will be fun to present some of my stories in blog style so that my readers can read them in segments and await the additional episodes as I write them.

Outside of writing, I have a day job, which is something else that I’d love to update and tell you one day that writing has become my day job, but we’ll see. I work for the State of Texas, so that’s good. I have a gorgeous wife of almost twelve years, and we now have four children. We live in a small town, in a house that seems like it could be a writers house.:) It certainly invokes the imagination.

I have a degree in religion, I have a small record collection, I love camping, and I like helping people. I’ve never really done much in the way of social media and sharing my opinions on the internet, so you probably won’t find many opinion posts on here. I will, however, try to make a valiant effort to update my writing here and keep the momentum of the stories going for you. I have about twenty stories that are all in various stages of completion.

Most of all I want you to enjoy your visit to my posts and my blog site as a whole. Please let me know if there is something that needs attention or if you have any questions about any of my posts. Thanks for reading:)

“But can I fit a baby in it?”

When you’re the spouse of a newborn photographer you are presented with this question relatively often. You learn to keep the average dimensions of a newborn baby readily available in your head. When you go to antique shows and garage sales you may, on the spot, have to determine whether a baby can fit into anything from an old wooden box to a rusty metal bread tin.

The other thing you have to be ready for is “Would this go with [insert prop name purchased years ago] if I was to do a [random theme] photo set” As a photographer’s spouse you must keep an ongoing mental spreadsheet inventory of all previously purchased props that lay in storage in all the nooks and crannies of your house. You must know their proper name and their commonly used nicknames such as “the old blue one”, “the one we bought in west Texas”, “the one I use all the time”.

Being good at photography takes a great deal of work. I can attest to that simply from viewing this through the scope of my wife’s pursuit in this industry. If you are a photographer, I commend you. People on the outside think it’s easy, that it’s something anyone can pick up and just do, but it’s not. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I just don’t have the eye for it. Not like my wife does. She amazes me with some of the shots she pulls off.

But I do my best to be the supportive spouse of a photographer. I’ve gotten good at some of my support roles there. Every once in a while I drop a line with one of my vocabulary terms in it; F-stop, Aperture setting, Boca… whatever that means 🙂 I’m not even sure that I’m spelling these right, but it means a lot to my wife when I can hang in a conversation about light room and whether a newborn will fit in a bread tin.

Props to all the photogs out there!

Joshua David

Big News for A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies!

Okay, so this year has been a lot different than previous years have been in my writing career. I can feel the momentum picking up and am hoping that a big jump is just around the corner.

As some of you know, I finished the screenplay to A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies : Chiliagon earlier this year. When I say “finished” I know that any of you that write will know that you’re always making little changes here and there, it’s never finished really, but I finished it to a point where I felt that it’s good enough to start trying to make something of it publicly.

So I created a profile on and have been pushing it out to contests this whole summer. So far, it seems like it’s being received pretty well.

I’m a finalist in the Spirit Quest Film Festival, which although this seems like a very small, independently run festival, it’s big news for me! 🙂 As you may have seen in one of my previous posts, the screenplay is an official selection in the Other Worlds Austin SiFi screenwriting competition. Lastly, I was contacted by the Feedback Film Festival and asked to submit a “Best Scene” entry for their upcoming festival!

Soon I’ll have a promo video of the “French Toast” scene of A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies : Chiliagon. Don’t worry I’ll for sure post it here when it’s in my hands.

There are about 5 other contests that I haven’t heard back from and probably won’t up until November, so to pass the time I’m busy writing another screenplay!

Some of you may remember my posts regarding my story “Horntooth’s Farm”. Well that story is quickly becoming my second feature length screenplay. I’m almost a quarter of the way done with it. My goal is to completely finish Horntooth’s Farm by the end of the year. Somewhere in there I’ll have to make time for some rewrites and edits to Hypersleep Studies as I hear back from the different festivals.

May God bless you all. I hope you’re all doing well this summer, stay safe and keep working toward your dreams.

Best Regard,