My Feature Article on the ‘Voyage Houston’ site!

Hey everybody, I hope all is well.

The website Voyage Houston has published an interview with me! It came out today. Man I’m so stoked at everything that’s been happening this year. Big stuff! If you are unfamiliar with Voyage Houston, it’s a website dedicated to discovering local artists, talent, and hangouts in the Houston area. They started over in LA and expanded to Houston and several other metro areas across the States. It’s a big deal for me, I need all the help I can get to really get my name out there!

If you have time, Check it out here: 


About Me

Ok, so here we go. I have opened up my mind for you so that I can share these characters and stories that have been floating around in my head for years now. They are truly a part of me. It’s really crazy how much I care about what you, the reader think of the people and places that are part of my stories.

If you don’t know me, my name is Joshua David Ashburn, I write under the name Joshua David. So far I am unpublished professionally, but I hope in future blogs I can update and change the status on that:) I have one short story published out on the Amazon Kindle site entitled “The Survivors”. It was mainly my test run for whether or not I would like the Kindle Publishing platform.

I also have a novel out entitled Nowhere.

There are three reasons I think this will be a great platform for me to utilize:

First, I need the exposure. I need people to read me and let me know if what I write really cuts the mustard.

Second, I think it will propel me into writing more.

Third, I think it will be fun to present some of my stories in blog style so that my readers can read them in segments and await the additional episodes as I write them.

Outside of writing, I have a day job, which is something else that I’d love to update and tell you one day that writing has become my day job, but we’ll see. I work for the State of Texas, so that’s good. I have a gorgeous wife of almost twelve years, and we now have four children. We live in a small town, in a house that seems like it could be a writers house.:) It certainly invokes the imagination.

I have a degree in religion, I have a small record collection, I love camping, and I like helping people. I’ve never really done much in the way of social media and sharing my opinions on the internet, so you probably won’t find many opinion posts on here. I will, however, try to make a valiant effort to update my writing here and keep the momentum of the stories going for you. I have about twenty stories that are all in various stages of completion.

Most of all I want you to enjoy your visit to my posts and my blog site as a whole. Please let me know if there is something that needs attention or if you have any questions about any of my posts. Thanks for reading:)

A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies: Chiliagon is now an Award Winning Screenplay!

Okay, so today was a really big day for A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies : Chiliagon! First I got my promo video of the “French Toast” scene, the link is attached below. It’s amazing to see other people reading it and acting out the scene. Check it out below!

Little did I know though, that at the same time I was freaking out about how awesome the video from Wildsound Fantasy Sci-Fi Contest is,

I just became an award winning screenwriter in the World Series of Screenwriting competition!

It’s been an amazing season for Hypersleep Studies, In the next month, I should know if I move into the next round of the Other Worlds Austin Competition also.  I’ll keep you all posted.

SCI-FI Best Scene Reading of A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies: Chiliagon by Joshua Ashburn

God Bless,


Hypersleep Studies : Chiliagon is a Semi Finalist in the Other Worlds Austin Competition!

Hey Everyone!

Just an update on my screenplay A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies : Chiliagon , it has now moved to the Semi-Final round in the Other Worlds Austin SciFi Screenwriting Contest!

It’s the first big break from any of my home State contests. I’m really going to try to go to this event. I think it’s going to be rad. Yes, I still say rad. 🙂

I’ll keep everyone posted on how it progresses in this event. I’m super excited!

Take care, wish you all the best,


Hypersleep Studies: Chiliagon is a nominee for Best Feature Screenplay!

Hey Everybody,

I hope all is well. I should be taking this time to work on homework for my Master’s, but I wanted to spread the good news about my screenplay “A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies : Chiliagon”. It received a nomination for Best Feature Screenplay in this year’s Genre Celebration Festival!

It was part of the round 3 selection in this screenplay competition. Here’s the link:

There are about ten other contests still pending so we’ll see how far it goes this fall!

Stay safe,