About Me

Ok, so here we go. I have opened up my mind for you so that I can share these characters and stories that have been floating around in my head for years now. They are truly a part of me. It’s really crazy how much I care about what you, the reader think of the people and places that are part of my stories.

If you don’t know me, my name is Joshua David Ashburn, I write under the name Joshua David. So far I am unpublished professionally, but I hope in future blogs I can update and change the status on that:) I have one short story published out on the Amazon Kindle site entitled “The Survivors”. It was mainly my test run for whether or not I would like the Kindle Publishing platform.

I also have a novel out entitled Nowhere.

There are three reasons I think this will be a great platform for me to utilize:

First, I need the exposure. I need people to read me and let me know if what I write really cuts the mustard.

Second, I think it will propel me into writing more.

Third, I think it will be fun to present some of my stories in blog style so that my readers can read them in segments and await the additional episodes as I write them.

Outside of writing, I have a day job, which is something else that I’d love to update and tell you one day that writing has become my day job, but we’ll see. I work for the State of Texas, so that’s good. I have a gorgeous wife of almost twelve years, and we now have four children. We live in a small town, in a house that seems like it could be a writers house.:) It certainly invokes the imagination.

I have a degree in religion, I have a small record collection, I love camping, and I like helping people. I’ve never really done much in the way of social media and sharing my opinions on the internet, so you probably won’t find many opinion posts on here. I will, however, try to make a valiant effort to update my writing here and keep the momentum of the stories going for you. I have about twenty stories that are all in various stages of completion.

Most of all I want you to enjoy your visit to my posts and my blog site as a whole. Please let me know if there is something that needs attention or if you have any questions about any of my posts. Thanks for reading:)

Cover Reveal! A Brief Word On Hypersleep Studies Vol1 : Chiliagon

Hey Everybody! Hope all is well in your universe,

It’s been an emotional week for me, we had to put our dog to sleep she was almost 13 years old, but on the upside, some ecstatic news, I found out my dad is officially back in remission from a form of Leukemia that he’s been fighting for many years now.  With all that going on plus taxes 😛 I haven’t been writing like I should and haven’t been blogging like I should either. I decided it’s time to catch up on both. I’m at a transition point now where I’m wanting to let Albert Einstein : Chrononaut chill for a few weeks so that I can come back to it and finish up some loose ends. So for the latter half of April, I’ll be focused on finishing A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies Vol1 Chiliagon.

Now I wanted to do something special since Easter is just around the corner and I have this new cover just burning a whole in my pocket. I want everyone to see it!

So without further ado, Here it is!


I hope you like it! I plan on having this first installment out this fall on Kindle. You can currently read the free version (rough version) using the link above, but the finished updated, self published version will be out this fall.


Camp Nanowrimo Update

Hello Everyone, I hope Camp is going well for those of you who are participating.

I wanted to take a second to update you on the progress of Albert Einstein: Chrononaut.

First off, I’m happy to say that I have almost 6,000 words on this project. I think that’s still a little behind my goal of 40,000 words for the month, but it is at least coming together.

I ran into a couple of cohesiveness issues and some areas that I want to double check my research on. It’s a bit difficult, because I want to make sure that I get every detail and fact about Einstein correct, but also weave in this whole fictional time line for him. I also have three converging timelines in this story so Einstein for instance must speak of things in the context of early 1900’s technology, while the people of the future need to refer to cutting edge and near future tech.

I’m going to carve out my manuscript and then take a lesson from Author Stuart Aken and go back through it afterwards to make sure I am utilizing the latest and greatest theories surrounding time crystals and gravity waves. Hopefully it won’t seem gimmicky in the long run.

Also, still have my finger’s crossed about the James Patterson Co-Author Competition, we’ll see if I’m on the roster when they post the semi finalists later today.

God bless you all,


The Dream Ghost by Joshua David

I am a restless spirit walking your stairs in the depths of night and shadow.

The floor creeks with my every footfall and the door swings open before my hand.

The air in the room tingles with my charge.

I sit by you as you sleep. Close enough to smell your skin and taste your breath.

I watch the slow rise and fall of your chest and wonder,

How does it feel to be alive and unaware of these other things.

Then I get to my nightly duties of bending low to your ear and whispering your dreams to you.

Tomorrow you will wake, head full of thought, and I will once again be but a shadow.

But sleep for now silent beauty and dream the words I whisper…

A Huge Round of Thanks! The Close of March and a Look Ahead at April

A Huge Thanks, Some Final Thoughts on March, and What to Expect From Me in April,

I really want to thank everyone who viewed, liked or commented on my blog this month! You all are really great and I appreciate your support for my blog and my writing path.

Thanks to my wife for sharing my blog on her Facebook (she has several thousand more followers than me so it helps tremendously ☺ )

A big thanks to author Stuart Aken for retweeting several of my posts on his twitter page (again, many more followers than I have so it helps)

That coupled with a little more effort on my part to get more posts and more content out there has made this March one of my most successful months of blogging!

On my writing, I’ve made some critical headway on a few different projects. I think that April will be a massive month of writing for me. Last November for Nanowrimo, I really worried that I wouldn’t have the necessary time to devote to the project. When it was all said and done, I only produced around 10,000 words last November. This time it just feels different. I feel like I did in November of 2015 when I kicked out the first draft of Nowhere. I’m pumped up and ready to write.

Here are a few heads-up items for the month of April:

First, I’m beginning my “stay” at Camp Nanowrimo with Albert Einstein: Chrononaut and I’ll keep you posted as the story evolves. I will be starting this one as soon as the whistle blows at midnight tonight.

Second, Once the rough draft of Chrononaut is finished, I’ve decided to move on to A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies Vol1 Chiliagon. I done a lot of work on this one already, but still have several chapters I need to add. I’ll soon have a cover reveal post for this one also!

Lastly, if on April 6th, I find out I’m a semifinalist in the James Patterson Co-Author Competition, I may wind up in the hospital recovering from shock, but afterwards, my April schedule may change drastically! ☺ And yes, YOU WILL DEFINITELY HEAR ABOUT THAT!

Hope I didn’t go too ‘link happy’ with this post. Looking over it there’s a lot of blue text 🙂

Facing Horntooth

I’m entering a threshold period.

For April, I’ll take a short story writing vacation from my novel work and spend Camp Nanowrimo on my short story anthology again. I’m hoping to really get it out and published this time. If you haven’t checked out the awesome cover, you can on my recent Albert Einstein: Chrononaut blog post.

In the back of my head all April long, I know that I’ll have a stressor building about my novel project Horntooth’s Farm.

That stressor is having to return in May and finally face Horntooth directly as a character.

You see, in the past few months I’ve written much of the intro chapters leading up to Horntooth, and much of the post climactic resolution material after Horntooth, but I feel like I’ve been dodging the ‘nose deep, eye to eye with Horntooth’ material.

First off I know that it’s because he is very dark, and very insane, and very vile. I’ve worked up to his coming out of the character Rex Horn, but I have not faced his darkness yet.

Second, I know that it’s because I want to get him right. Even though Russ is the main character of the novel, Russ is nothing without Horntooth. Horntooth is essentially the primary reason you care about Russ. I have to write Horntooth in such a way that the reader’s subconscious is constantly screaming, “Please, oh please Russ, get away from that guy! You have to survive or I will throw this book across the room!” 🙂

May might be a little dark and broody for me. 🙂 I know I have to develop that place I need to go to get to the mindset that I can write him to full effect.

I’ll keep y’all posted on how this develops,