Discussion on the Novel Cover for “Nowhere”

The blog today is geared toward discussing the cover for my new novel “Nowhere”.

First off, PLEASE GO TO MY CAMPAIGN PAGE AND NOMINATE ME! And tell all your followers, family and friends to do the same. I don’t beg much, but this is really very important to me. I’m trying to get it published. Here’s the link for easy access: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/8K2HQM8TX9DM

I have about ten more days till this campaign ends so I really am in crunch time.

Second, sorry its not posted here yet, I’ve submitted it for review on the Amazon Scout webpage and am awaiting the final decision from them as to whether they want to publish it in the near future. With all my novels, I’ve really got a ton of them that I’m working on, I will try to seek a legit publishing contract first, basically I’ll try and try until I get tired of dealing with all the red tape and then I’ll most likely publish it here or on  the Amazon kindle site.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that my work here is something to scoff at, like it didn’t make it in the real world so I put it on my blog, where no one can stop me. No, really its just that it seams really hard to break through to the mainstream now-a-days. I don’t want to write like all the clone authors out there. I’ve got ideas man, can you dig it? I’m essentially forcing myself into social media, marketing and self promotion. These aren’t areas or traits that come naturally to me. I find it hard to talk about myself and say ‘hey world, look at me’ even if I think that what I’m doing is pretty awesome.

So enough with that, what I really want to do is talk about my latest cover. My brother, Zach Ashburn (www.zachashburn.com) is my cover artist. If I get things my way, he’ll design the cover for every novel I ever put out into the public domain. This latest cover really gets into what my novel Nowhere is all about. You see, even though its a ‘sci-fi’ novel, it really has so much to do with the psychological element.

In the novel, you, the reader don’t really know what to think about the main character Richard. You don’t know if he’s crazy, or sane. If he is crazy, you don’t know how crazy. Its really a novel that can have so many different interpretations in the end. My sister-in-law read the novel and her conclusion is that he’s just an idiot. The point is that Richard himself doesn’t really know either. That’s where we get the hands over the face part of the cover. You see, in the novel, there is great importance into what Richard sees in a person’s eyes. It’s how he can tell if you are an alien or not, yet on the cover he is covering his own eyes. This could mean that there is something about Richard that we don’t yet see because we can’t see his eyes which would tell us the truth.

The second thing about the eyes is that if Richard could see his own eyes he may even realize that he’s crazy, but he is covering them. Is this what leads him to do the things he does in the novel? Is he shielding himself from seeing the aliens any longer, or is he preventing himself from seeing the real truth about himself?

Next is the fact that he’s smoking two cigarettes on the cover. This is in reference to a specific scene in the novel, but ultimately it gives the reader the idea that Richard may be leading two lives and not know it. When the reader imagines that Richard himself could have been smoking both these cigarettes, you see Richard as even more confused as before.

On the back cover we see the two phrases that play a big roll in the novel. “The Dogs are not Dogs” and “The Owls are not Owls” are two phrases which both seem to occur in Richard’s psyche when the aliens are about to abduct him, but they also are tools or clues that Richard seems to leave for himself as mental ‘triggers’ which make himself remember that he can’t trust anyone. This again is used to confuse the reader and keep them guessing. Is Richard slowly uncovering the weaknesses of the aliens, or is he propelling himself deeper into his own madness?

Lastly we have the blue pill stuck to the piece of tape, if you look close you even see the curly hairs from Richard’s nether regions. This is “The Getaway”and is the subject of one of my favorite scenes in the book. I won’t spoil it for you. I sincerely hope that you find a way to read it. Overall I love the cover of the book, I love the dark moodiness of it. A big thanks again to my brother Zach Ashburn on it. The novel itself is sorta a mix of science fiction, psychological mystery, and dark humor. I hope you read it and enjoy!


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