Every Little Goal

Ok so I have this sticker on the back of my van…Yes I have a van, I have 4 kids after all. A sleek, 2003 Chevy Venture, called the Silver Bullet. The best thing is it’s completely paid for and still running strong. My wife made me a sticker for the back that says “WRITER with a day job”.

As soon as it was up, I set a mental goal of one day being able to mark through the “with a day job” part. For a good reason that is. I’d love to one day be a full time writer, earning my keep just with my stories. It may sound silly, but marking through that bottom line is my big, large scale goal.

Now I know the philosophy of setting little goals to achieve big goals. I try to set little goals each day. I like setting a goal of achieving 500 words on my lunch break. Or editing a whole chapter in a weekend.

I set intermediate goals too, like next month trying to tackle a new book. I have my full time job, a part time job, a wife and kids, bills and taxes. This year we also had the worst flood in over sixty years in our neck of the woods. I have my share of stressors and excuses, and some days I pull up in my driveway, get out of my van and as I’m going in I see that sticker and it feels like it might as well be a million miles away.

Sometimes I feel like I might write in these tucked away snippets of time that I get and it will never amount to enough to one day cross through that bottom line. But God always has a way of bringing me back around and letting me know that the little goals help me tackle the medium goals and the medium goals will one day complete the big goal.

So here’s to my little goals and your little goals, may you one day look your big goal in the eye and know that you have it won. May God help us keep focus on what we are to achieve with every little thing before us. Write on!


3 thoughts on “Every Little Goal

  1. I hear ya. I have six kids under 12 and another on the way, and some days it seems like that dream is nothing more than a fantasy, and I’m the only one left kicking who still believes. Of course your wife and kids believe in you, but no can believe the dream until it happens. That’s why we’ll all cry, “I can’t believe it,” or “that this happened to me.” Keep going, keep writing, keep dreaming and defend that faith. It’s like crossing the ocean where every day looks exactly the same and it seems you’ll never see the shore. I’m in the same boat with you. You can do it.

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    • Thanks a bunch man! You keep it up too, one day we’ll look back and know we’re there. Getting to that high overlook at the end of the trail would not be half as fulfilling or rewarding without the journey it took to get there. Sometimes we wish the trail was better marked or not quite as steep in some sections, but in the end it’s all worth the hike.

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