I’m a Prepper (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Only a few more days until Camp starts. This will probably be my last post before the writing begins. I still have my last minute preps to do. Here’s the last bit of prepper tips. I wish you all the very best in the month ahead.

Cultivate your Endurance-

Another key part of surviving the Nanopocalypse is putting in place the stepping stones towards rebuilding the devastated world. Survivors form villages and grow clean food, they treat the sick and wounded. We as writers band together in support groups and encourage each other to press on. Remember we’re in this together. The ingenuity of many is stronger than the ingenuity of one. If you need help, reach out to your writing peers online.

Work on your word count daily, even if you feel ahead of the game. When you cultivate this endurance for writing, you’ll come out of the Nanopocalypse much stronger than before. If you have your support group in place, you’ll feel even more confident.

Don’t Look Back-

In order to keep your word count high and stay safe in the Nanopocalypse you can’t get caught up with too much proofreading and editing. There will be plenty of time for that later. If you’re on a rhythm and words are flying from the keyboard onto your screen, the last thing you want to do is go backwards and start editing yourself or second guessing your word choices. You really want to stay on the rhythm and stay in the green zone. Kep writing evan if you have a few typoos. 🙂 Most of the time a good spell check at the end of the night will catch the majority of these and you can keep with your forward momentum. The guy who stays in the car too long when everyone else has run from the mutants… yea he doesn’t make it. Keep running, and don’t look back, editing can wait. You have a mission to accomplish.

Know your LZ, but Accept Plan-B if LZ is Compromised-

With your outline in place, you should feel confident about where to go for your LZ or ending. To me, it’s a good feeling knowing where you’re needing to get to with your novel. You have characters and they are interacting, but since you know what these interactions are all amounting to, you can paint the picture more clearly for your readers and have less chance of taking a wrong turn with your writing.

But what if say, you think of something amazing along the way. Something that you really can’t do without in your novel. I say go ahead and go for it, you can break from your outline when inspiration like that hits. The only problem is that now your LZ may be compromised. Say you’re writing a love story and you intended for heroine A to fall in love and run off with hero B at the end. That’s your LZ, and it’s been in place since the beginning, but now you know that you must send hero B off to war and he must die or the incredibly amazing thing you just thought of won’t work. Well you have to find a new LZ I’m afraid. You can do one of two things. A) you can break out the old outline and generate a new one to make your new road map to LZ Bravo, or B) you can keep on writing, using the survival tactics you’ve learned thus far to traverse into this new territory in search of your new LZ. Either way, as long as you don’t lose your cool you can get out of any pinch like this.




2 thoughts on “I’m a Prepper (Part 2)

  1. Hi, Joshua–I’m enjoying your blog! I’m steady prepping for July as well. Seems as though June went by so fast. Thank you for following, and happy writing!

    -AJ’s Archive


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