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Something New, Something Free, and Something Super Creepy!

Hey Everyone, It’s been awhile. I hope everyone is doing well, and all you Wrimos are digging deep into your projects this month. I know it’s been a weird month for me already. It’s been a feet of magic just breaking 10,000 words this time. I have a lot of catching up to do if I’m going to meet my goal by the end of the month. But that’s not what I’m here to really discuss today. The BIG news today is that my novel Nowhere is coming out!

The official launch date is this Sunday, July 17th! It’s available for pre-order now so if you snag it by the end of this week you’ll have your copy bright and early Sunday morning just in time for your morning coffee. After all, what goes better with morning coffee than a fresh new book to read? ☺

What do you do from now till Sunday?

I’m glad you asked,

To celebrate the launch of my first novel, I’ve also placed my short story The Survivors at the best price in the world which is Free! (Cue confetti drop from ceiling) From today until 11:59 Sunday, you can pick up my short story for free and while you’re there you can check out my novel.

And I won’t lie to you, if you don’t want to pay full price for the novel, save it to your wish list. I run periodic sales and discounts all the time. I’ll also give y’all a friendly heads up when it’s going on sale.

Spread the word if you can, as this is a limited time promotion.

And I almost forgot! The most important thing to me is for my work to be read, but it helps me so much as an author to hear your feedback. Please, please , please, when you finish reading the short story or novel, rate it and leave your honest opinion of it on Amazon if you don’t mind. It really helps to know what people think, good, bad or ugly. ☺

So to get your imagination salivating, here’s a snippet of my novel:

He started the shower to let the water warm up, then he got a towel and some PJ’s to change into. It was strange, but he thought he heard the sound of another owl just as he stepped into the shower. Then as he rinsed he could have sworn he heard a loud thud and the sound of yet another hooting owl.

You’re just being paranoid… he tried to convince himself, but he couldn’t shake the feeling he had. It was as though this was something to take note of and his brain wouldn’t let him erase the sense of danger.

Surely there’s not one perched outside the tiny bathroom window he thought. He rinsed the shampoo from his hair and then wiped his face so he could see. He raised the blinds that covered the semi opaque bathroom window. There was nothing visible in the light outside the window. He was about to go back to bathing, when he heard the sound of yet another owl, a big one, except it was lower in pitch than the others and Richard could hear a series of clicks projected after the hooting that almost sounded insect like.

It came from behind him…

within his apartment…

outside the bathroom door…

He tore open the shower curtain just in time to see a shadow move across the bottom of the door.

“Steven?” he yelled, he could hear the fear in his own voice. “Steven is that you?”  There was no response, no sound at all in fact and no movement from below the door. Richard looked towards the mirror and now saw a cryptic message written in the steam.

“The owls are not owls,” it read.

Richard wanted to scream. He thought about leaping out of the shower to lock the door, but it was too late. The knob silently turned and Richard could only watch in paralyzing terror as the bathroom door swung open slowly, and the owls that were not owls came in.

Find out what happens to Richard and discover the mystery behind this and other strange events in Nowhere.


3 thoughts on “The Big News Blog

  1. Thanks so much for the review. I have Survivors which I’m going to review for you but the Amazon account is giving me problems. I’ll get it sorted. Looking forward to reading Nowhere!


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