Last Day To Snag Nowhere For $0.99!

Nowhere Book JacketHey everyone, I try not to advertise a whole bunch on my blog, but I thought some of you may appreciate the heads up on a price discount.

For the rest of today, “Nowhere” is $.99 then tomorrow it goes up to $1.99

It’s not perfect, but it’s worth the price and the time to read. I sincerely hope you enjoy the quirkiness of it, and are driven to read on by the underlying suspense and spooky side of the book.

Also, to those who have read my short story, The Survivors, don’t let the name Richard Mcphrey trip you up. It’s two different characters. I use reoccurring names sometimes. ‘Richard’ is the name of my character who sees aliens. So if the plot of my book is about aliens, odds are there will be a Richard, or in the case of Nowhere, maybe two.😄


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