The Ultimate Sale

Get them for free starting October 27 and running through Halloween!

If you want to follow me, or if you just want to be ready for the sale here’s my author link,

Joshua David Amazon Author Page

Hope you enjoy!

Every year around my birthday, I try to schedule a sale… This year I’ve been planning for something big šŸ™‚ So here it goes… starting this year and every year from now on, I’ll have all my books for free in late October it’s what I’ve dubbed The Ultimate Sale. I only have two out right now, but I’m trying hard to complete my book of short stories and my second novel, This Boy’s Mind.

I got a review for Nowhere last week, which was fantastic news:) They rated it at 5 stars. The Survivors has about a 4.5 rating after 4 reviews. I’ll post a couple of reminders between now and the 27th in hopes to have a huge turn out for downloads during THE ULTIMATE SALE!

Have fun reading:)


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