New Music or Why I Love Fall Pt 2

I seem to like a lot of bands that people stand polarized on. You either love them, hate them or have never heard of them and will quickly establish your strong opinion when you check them out. (Talking Heads, Miike Snow, Lou Reed, Broken Bells, Wolfmother, Portishead, Band of Skulls, etc.) I love music and music to me is absolutely essential to my writing regiment. In most cases, I form a specific soundtrack for each new project. Because of this, I’m constantly searching for and discovering new artists. I say ‘new’ artists, but I only mean new to me. Sometimes I find artists from the sixties or seventies and I’m like, Why have I never heard this before?

Put simply, I love discovering new sounds, and artists that aren’t on the radio every five seconds. This October is big for me because three of my favorite artists are releasing new music.

First up, and arguably my favorite band is Empire of the Sun (featured image above). Late this month (Oct. 28th), Empire of the Sun will release their new album Two Vines. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I absolutely love this band. Previews of their new album sound like they will continue to impress with their unique sound in the electro dance/synth realm.

Second, is the band The Naked and Famous (Oct 14th release), another band that a lot of people are like Say What? If you haven’t heard of them, trust me its a real band and again, you may hate them, but then again you may not know what you’re missing and therefore I must recommend them. They aren’t as in your face dance as EotS, they have a more mellow sound overall with lots of thought provoking synth riffs that are good for writing.

Lastly for this post, Phantogram is releasing their new album today. They are a little bit of a mix of Hooverphonic and Garbage. (the band Garbage) They’ve had some of their stuff featured in recent commercials, but no real traditional radio play that I’ve heard of.

Last thing that I need to say is that you all may be reading this and saying, these aren’t obscure bands at all…, or they play them on the radio all the time… For that I would only have to respond by saying that Houston, TX is the closest big city to where I live and it’s a real black hole for anything indie and electronic. I know when I drive over to Austin, I typically hear more of the stuff I like over that way.

If these bands are new to you, I sincerely hope you like their new stuff. Hope it brightens your Fall. If you know of any other bands that I might want to check out, and who may be coming out with new stuff soon, definitely let me know through a comment.


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