Creativity & Why I Love Fall Pt 4

Ok, so going back to the unknown cosmic forces at work during fall, I have to add Creativity to the list. Something interesting happens once the weather changes down here in Texas. I think the 100+ heat of summer must hinder my creativity somehow. After the first few cold fronts roll through and the humidity is all gone, suddenly my creative juices start flowing again and I can think clearly about my writing.

Jumping back to Spring, I participated in Camp Nano and accomplished a 40K word goal. It was a lot of work, but it certainly helps when I can think creatively. Just about all summer long, I’ve had to fight for every word and writing has been really slow. I participated in the June Camp Nano and, feeling confident coming off of the April Nano, I set a 50K word goal for myself and decided to tackle one of the bigger novel ideas that’s been floating around in my head lately. I even posted several blogs with tips on how to achieve your Camp Nano goals.

On a sheer number of words perspective, I failed miserably. I achieved almost twenty thousand words for the month of June, and only about half of them were focused on my intended project. But looking back now I did learn some valuable lessons and gain some insight to this whole writing life.

First off I learned that I want to keep my writing loose. I have started a new method of thinking and so far it is working well. First I have my idea and I let it roll around in my head a bit until I know that it has incubated enough to justify writing a story on. Then I have something of a 72 hour sprint to try to get as much of what I can out on paper as quickly as I can while the idea is still fresh. This allows me to relax a little knowing, A) if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I at least know that I’ve gotten the skeleton of what I hope becomes a great story down on paper, and B) if I wake up tomorrow and the story that was lingering in my brain the previous day has been replaced by something new, I at least have as much as I could think of at the time down on paper so that I can come back to it at a later time and hopefully make sense of it.

That being said, now a word of caution. I have about 15 to 20 ongoing, ‘in the works’ projects all at various stages of the writing process. I really don’t have any idea how long each may take to completely finish. I end up toggling from one to the next as inspiration hits me. I know that may seem like a really crazy writing style, but it is what has kept me going even during the dryer times like this past summer.

In comes Nanowrimo, a honing device for crazy writing patterns. It is like a tuning fork if I were a musician. I now have a tool. If I was a blacksmith, Nanowrimo would be my anvil. I look back to the June Nano and realize that I have around eleven thousand words on my novel Horntooth’s Farm that I didn’t have before June. I also ended the month with a short story that didn’t exist before I attended the event. There is something to say about that.

And so, that is what Nano has become for me. Instead of setting a course for the specific planet I’m heading towards, I am instead just going to climb into my rocket ship of writing on November 1st and use Nano fuel as my propulsion into space. Once I’m up there, I really don’t know where Nano will take me for the month of November. All I know is that Fall seems to be the season of creativity for me, November is just around the corner, I’ve set a project and a goal for the Nanowrimo event, and I’m ready to go wherever inspiration steers me in November.

May God bless you all in ways that are beyond wondrous,



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