Nanowrimo and Why I Love Fall Pt 5

Nanowrimo is like a large wave at the beach. You’re watching it, you know it’s coming, but sometimes its hard to judge exactly when it will hit you. If you’re not ready for it, you’re gonna swallow some water. That can be scary to think about, but in reality Nanowrimo is an awesome part of the Fall.

It has quickly become one of the deep set, rituals of Autumn for me. One of the only traditions that I don’t share with my family until its done and over with.

I’m really very excited about Nanowrimo this Fall. I’m going to try hard to finish a second novel. If all goes well, I will, if it goes sorta poopy, I will fall back on my book of short stories and write in there. The main thing is trying to achieve the 50,000 words in whichever fashion you can make happen. I’d love for all 50K words to come smoothly out for my desired project, but this time I want to be fully prepared just in case they don’t.

In June, I wasted too much time trying to force out what wasn’t there at the time. This time I’ll toggle to the short stories if I need to. If I fall into some sort of perfect world, Alice in Wonderland, vortex of the written word this November I may come out on the other end with a novel and a completed book of short stories.

Good luck to anyone who knows they are doing Nano, and those of you who maybe have always thought about writing a novel, but never started, Nanowrimo may be that tool you’ve been needing to spur you through.


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