Super Heroes/Super Villains, One 84 Year Old Witch, and Chigurh From ‘No Country For Old Men’ or Why I Love Fall Pt 6

So another year, another goofy Halloween 🙂 The theme was Super Heroes, but as you can see, my brother Zach is trying to cow punch my Dad to death as Chigurh.

We had three Wonderwomen, two Batmen, two Supermen, two Jokers, one Batgirl, one Spidergirl, and me as an overweight He-Man.

Then you have my brother who made us all look like nerds by dressing as the super creepy Anton Chigurh from ‘No Country for Old Men’, complete with pointy cowboy boots and a tiny cow punch tank.

Lastly there is my ultra cool 84 year old Grandmother (Now 85). Just the fact that she can make it to the costume party, let alone actually dress up is amazing. I can only hope that I’m able to get around like her when I’m in my mid 80’s.

I’ll send you last year’s costume party in a few more days. Then after this year’s party I’ll have to post our newest shot.

Godspeed Cybernauts,



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