Scary Movie Contest! and Why I Love Fall Pt 7

I have to say that I love scary movies. One of the great things about October is the wealth of scary movies that pop up whether by cable, Netflix, Red Box, or the Theater. Troublesome thing is, that they all tend to disappear come November 1st.

Being that it’s around Halloween and there are literally thousands of scary movies out there (I know I haven’t seen them all). I thought it might be fun to have a contest to see if anyone can name the movies in my Scary Movie Collage above. I also want to hear what other people’s favorite scary movie is. Do you have a suggestion for a scary movie I might like or that I need to check out for its greatness.

For the contest:

OBJECTIVE: Be the first to name all the movies you see in the image above.

Post your answer as a comment on this blog post. First person to answer correctly wins.

VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL: I’ll only be accepting the comments that are posted directly to my WordPress blog. So if you’re using some other media, follow the link to the original post and post on my blog.

PRIZE: It wouldn’t be an apt contest without a prize. I’ll contact the winner and arrange a mail out for a signed copy of my book Nowhere😄 Just in time for Halloween.

If I don’t get any completely right answers, I’ll default to the most complete, so it’s worth taking a crack at it.

Feel free to forward this post to whom ever you want. All are eligible as long as they have the ability to comment on my blog.

Also, if you’d like to follow up your comment with the name of your favorite scary movie, I’d love to hear from you.

The contest will automatically expire on Halloween (Oct 31st 2016) Unless I get a winner sooner. I’ll post a follow-up telling everyone what the correct answers were and who won. Good Luck! Hope you enjoy, and I hope I’ve shown some of your favorites too!

Happy Halloween!




4 thoughts on “Scary Movie Contest! and Why I Love Fall Pt 7

  1. I love horror movies! I tend to really like the cheesy 80’s ones, especially the Nightmare on Elm Street series. And the Scream movies.. I’m not completely sure on a couple of these, but here are my guesses.

    Sixth Sense
    Killer Klowns from Outer Space
    The Blob
    The Exorcist (one of my favorites!)
    The Monster Squad
    In the Mouth of Madness
    Lady in White
    The Thing

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