50 Word Halloween Story Challenge! Pt 2

Here are a couple more I thought of last night. Remember to send me yours in a comment on any of the 50 Word Story posts and I’ll reblog them as a combined collection of spooky/quirky Halloween stories closer to Halloween. I’ll credit each author, tag you guys and share a link back to your blogs.

It only takes a little bit of time, so why not participate for fun! I’ve received some already. Remember it has to be a story of no more than 50 words and needs to have the ‘theme of’ or invoke feelings of Halloween. (i.e. ghosts, pumpkins, harvest, creepy houses, trick or treating… etc.)

Here are mine from last night:

The Mound-

The mound behind my house chills me to the bone…

Every morning, walking by the window, I see it back there haunting me…

He supposed, the back corner, behind the shed, out of neighborly sight,

he’d rid himself of me…

But here I am, every morning, walking by the window…


My Trick-or-Treat Boy-

The little boy who trick-or-treats at my house has never grown.

He isn’t more than five or six standing there all alone.

He rings my bell and asks for candy I know he cannot hold.

I’ve told myself there’s no such thing, but now I do not know…


3 thoughts on “50 Word Halloween Story Challenge! Pt 2

  1. “For the Thrill”

    The boy nervously pushed the kitchen knife through the layers of flesh with a satisfying crunch. Afraid of what people would think of him, he stared at the unwanted smile he carved into his victim’s face. There was no going back.

    He had never carved a pumpkin by himself before.

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