You Have My Thanks!

Hello Everyone, Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve published any substantial posts. I kinda took the whole weekend off and am just now getting back to it. It was a big weekend though with a lot of post worthy stuff happening so I’ll be updating with all of it through the week. I thought though, for this post that I’d start the week with some thanks to my fellow bloggers who have helped me, along with a big thanks to my followers for your support.

First, and most recently, I’d like to thank Felicia Denise for featuring my poem The Keeper of the Poor Boy of Wood on her blog Nesie’s Place. I really do appreciate your kind words and the readers that have been sent my way from your post. Thank you…

Next I’d like to thank Chris Kelworth over at his blog The Kelworth Files for featuring me in his Nanowrimo spotlight blog series. I really greatly appreciate your efforts!

I’d also like to thank Author Milo Abrams for your contributions to my blog. You’re still the only one that has submitted a 50 word Halloween story 🙂 I’ll post them either way, come Halloween though. I’ll try to get a few more, but just know, I thank you for your participation and encouragement.

I’d like to thank blogger Meganarchy for her participation in my Scary Movie Contest. You helped to make my first contest a success. Thanks of being a part of it. I hope you continue to follow me and read my work. Also, help keep Milo in line and focused on a sequel to The Woods/Far From Home. 🙂

I want to give a huge thanks to my family who supports me secretly behind the scenes, like sneaky family ninjas:) I really appreciate all of your support.

And lastly, to all of my followers and those still to come in the future, I wish to thank you all for following along with me on this journey. I hope you enjoy reading my work and I hope you continue to spread the word and support me with your kind words. Thanks a bunch!


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