The Ultimate Sale!

Today is the day! Get them for free now all the way to Halloween. Please let me know what you think on Amazon after you read them. šŸ™‚ Here are the links:



Nowhere Book Jacket


I sincerely hope you like reading them. I’ll hopefully have more available during next year’s ultimate sale. And again, all I ask is that you please rate them at Amazon. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sale!

    • Thanks Milo, I’ll take care of it right away. It has to have occurred with the last update I did because the original copy was fine. I’ll come out with some sort of apology. And then run the sale again as soon as I’m able to. Bummer… šŸ™‚

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      • I had something similar happen. I updated a book of mine and the wrong draft file saved over it and I ended up uploading a horrendously error-riddled version that was up for what seemed like forever and I had no idea until I got two reviews that talked about how many errors there were in it.

        I ended up pulling it off amazon and losing everything.

        It’s good to catch this stuff early, because then you’d move on to the next project without realizing it until you got a damaging review.

        Glad I could help.


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