Happy Halloween! 50 Word Stories

Hey Everyone, as promised, here are this year’s 50 Word Halloween Story entries. I hope you all enjoy and have a happy, safe Halloween!

First up, author msletterwritingu has submitted a story to get us in the mood for Halloween, although it did not adhere to the 50 word cap, I felt it was worth including in this year’s group of stories. Thanks for participating msletterwritingu!


“Halloween Night” : By msletterwritingu  168 words

Scary story, things that go bump in the night. Don’t turn around, or else you will get such a fright. The trick or treater’s haven’t even started arriving, yet the hair on the back of your neck is standing on end. You know there is a reason, but s part of you us to scared to even want to try and comprehend.

You worry if you have enough candy, for when the trick or treater’s finely start to come. What happens if you run out? What trick will it be for this Halloween year.

You’re playing Halloween music. And you have your Halloween costume on just right. A part of you is excited, and yet another part of you doesn’t feel right. As if you already know with dread in your heart….that something horrible has already happened. Yet outside nothing is happening, underneath the full moons bright light.

Are you over reacting? Letting your imagination get away from you? You know deep down inside something is very wrong….


Next up, my friend Milo Abrams has submitted a group of awesome stories to share with you. A mix of Halloween spirit and creepy paranormal spooks, hope you enjoy!


“Monsters Are Real” : By Milo Abrams 50 words

I can hear the monster scratching and coughing under my bed. My dad says they don’t exist but I’ve seen it’s glowing eyes.

Will it eat me like it did my socks?

Squeezing my eyes shut, I remember what my dad told me. He said, “Don’t worry, monsters don’t purr.”

“Trick or Treat” : By Milo Abrams 50 words

A teen boy stood next to another boy in a white sheet on the sidewalk, waiting for his brother to finish Trick-or-Treating.

“I hate Halloween,” he said.

“Not me,” the ghost said, “ghosts can walk around without scaring people.”

“Ghosts aren’t real,” he said looking up, but the boy vanished.

“For the Thrill” : By Milo Abrams 50 words

The boy nervously pushed the kitchen knife through the layers of flesh with a satisfying crunch. Afraid of what people would think of him, he stared at the unwanted smile he carved into his victim’s face. There was no going back.

He had never carved a pumpkin by himself before

“Ghost” : By Milo Abrams 50 words

I’m just noiseless whispers, an echo and endless static—a shadow down the hall. I’m dust on the memories, the pins and needles from the winter in your bones.

Help me come back down, I’m done with this weightlessness. As I reach out, is it me you felt just now?

(also, check out the uncut version of “Ghost” by Milo Abrams at his blog)


Lastly but not leastly, here are my stories for the year!


“The Street” : By Joshua David 50 words

The laughter of children echoes down an otherwise quiet street.

They savor the first bite of chocolate from a generous neighbor, and stray from the darkened porch of others unwelcoming.

Crackling footfalls skipping down a walk littered with leaves to the next porch with a jack-o-lantern this All Hallow’s Eve

“The Mound” : By Joshua David 50 words

The mound behind my house chills me to the bone…

Every morning, walking by the window, I see it back there haunting me…

He supposed, the back corner, behind the shed, out of neighborly sight,

he’d rid himself of me…

But here I am, every morning, walking by the window…

“My Trick-or-Treat Boy” : By Joshua David 50 words

The little boy who trick-or-treats at my house has never grown.

He isn’t more than five or six standing there all alone.

He rings my bell and asks for candy I know he cannot hold.

I’ve told myself there’s no such thing, but now I do not know…



One thought on “Happy Halloween! 50 Word Stories

  1. Thank you so much for publishing this collection of stories. I really appreciate your taking the time. Plus it is a wonderful idea to begin with. Let Mr know if you would like to do anything like this in the future.


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