The Beacon : By Joshua David

I am the light wielder, casting my brightness out upon the darkened seas of forevermore.

I am the torch bearer, sending forth into the blanketed night, a message of hope to weary sailor souls.

I am the eternal ray, set upon the jagged rocks, guiding travelers through a troubled shoreline.

I am the lamp stand, upon me sit the burning embers of a destiny yet unfolded.

I am the harbormaster, calling you into port, for no one longs to travel the dark water in lonesome night such as this.

With no light by which to shine a sure course, no hope to see you safely in, and no destiny save for one upon the weary sea, sailing into the pitch of the unknown.

I am the beacon, follow my light and I will see you home.


This poem was inspired by the original post on Raja’s Insight blog, Photo credit:


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