My Plans for Camp Nanowrimo

Hello Everybody,

I hope you’re all doing spectacular today! I just wanted to drop this message to announce that I will be participating in Camp Nano this April. If you’ve ready my blogs on camp before, then you know how I view all that Nanowrimo has to offer. Essentially I almost always come up short of my goal, but I look back and know that it works as a tool for producing writing that would not have existed otherwise.

So I think my goal will again be the lighter 40,000 words as opposed to the 50K during the full blown Nanowrimo. 40k helps me to focus, not so much on the number of words, but what I need to write. I haven’t set my project yet. I’ve been revising a couple of shorts and working on a new one. Last year I completed 40,000 for a short story compilation, so I think this year I might try to finish that with a few new stories.

It will be a good break from my Novel Horntooth’s Farm. I really hope that this April, I can get back into my writing routine. Lack of a routine is the one thing that I feel  has prevented me from pushing anything new out in awhile. If I can get back into the swing of taking the time to write again, then you may see several new things from me this year.

Hope you all are excited for camp! If you haven’t done a Nanowrimo event yet, I definitely encourage you to try this April.


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