My April Camp Nanowrimo Project: Short Stories!

Hey Everybody! Hope you all are doing great. I’m loving the good Spring weather we’re having down here in Texas. It’s just bad for allergies!:)

My blogging goal for this April is to not fall off the radar like I’ve done in previous Nanowrimo months. So I have a plan to blog short discussions on the short stories I’m writing as I start them throughout the month.

Here’s a list of the working titles for each:

The Odd Life of Misses Porter or The Final Affairs of Master Wexford

The Last Light of Planet Earth

The Wanderer Volume 1: The Storm

Kingdom of Darkness

A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies Volume 1: Chiliagon

Albert Einstein: Chrononaut

One Soul In The Sea

The Boy With Dragon Wings Volume 1: The Boy Who Would Become a Hero

The Pygmies

Three Seconds in Time or The Polymorphism of Julia Brighton

I have several that I’ve written and several ideas that I have little more than an idea for. I’m going to try and tackle the unwritten ones first and then if I finish those I’ll spend the rest of the month editing the completed ones.

All together I really want to carve a lot of new ground this next month. This month’s goal (March) was to complete the full outline of my novel project Horntooth’s Farm just in case I get chosen as a finalist in the contest I entered it in. I’m happy to say that I’m almost completely done with it and the process has led to a lot of new scenes, twists and emotional grounding.

But I’m ready to jump into April and my short stories. So I’m hoping to close out this month with a successful outline and start next month with a Nanowrimo driven, short story writing fever. 🙂

How about you all? I’d love to hear more about your projects or if you’re thinking of participating in Camp Nanowrimo this April.


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