America Once Beautiful

America Once Beautiful
By: Joshua David

America Once Beautiful,
To where has all your beauty gone?

Your eyes have wrinkles from weariness and fatigue,
When will you find peace?

Your chin and mouth have the creases of a constant frown,
Why are you so sorrowful?

Your cheeks bear the rosey hue of a glutton, and there is an unhealthy sheen to your skin,
Why do you not take better care?

Your brow line is gouged with a knotted scowl,
Who has wronged you so?

You’ve developed a smoker’s cough, sticky fingers and a blind eye,
Can you not see this?

And your men America, you sure know how to pick them.
They aren’t good to you America.

You allow them to abuse you America, they are scarring you. You let them do things to you that you are uncomfortable with.
You always think that somehow these evil things you allow them to do will make them love you.

Afterall, that’s all you really want. Love… but they have no real love for you America.
They use you, taking what they want, taking what they desire of you, and then they leave.

You deserve much better America! Someone who will take care of you, love you, someone who will make you feel young again.

Perhaps instead of facing your age and your issues and making the changes that would help, you think “I’ll just hide them…”

You keep adding make-up, trying to cover the wrinkles and scars, trying to hide the pits and blemishes.

But deep down you know you’re not fooling anyone. Your people know the truth.
They know, no matter how hard you try to hide it, that you have not aged well.

And they know, deep down that you are not doing well.
You may say, “Yes, but look at other things. My stocks are up, my unemployment down, Industry is thriving! Capitalism is thriving!”

But your people know better,
We see you and know that behind the make-up and eye shadow,
There is something very wrong.
Behind the fake smile and coy speech,
there is a troubled spirit, a disgenuine heart.

Make-up cannot hide your history of violence, your perpetuation of anger.
Your nips and tucks of recent do not detract from what you’ve done to yourself, what you’ve become

You have clogged your spacious skies, and polluted your shining seas, paved down your fruited plain and razed your amber waves.

You are at the verge of destroying yourself America, and I care too much for you to let you fade.

America Once Beautiful, I love you despite your age,
Hide it no more I say!

I see past your wrinkles and scars,
Conseal them no more I say!

You have a flawed history, but who doesn’t, let us learn from it and together carve out a bright and glorious future!
Today is the day to make it all right again!

We must regain your freedom, and rekindle your brotherhood!
Bring back nobleness to your success, and self control to your soul!

Oh God, your soul!
At the very least, America, take care of that!
Find a love for God again and restore yourself once more.
Find the grace you once had before it is too late!

Do not linger in the falseness and shadow till you are at death’s door, and then try to run back. By then, I fear it may be too late.

I care about you too much America, to see you waste your life trying to fill the void in your heart where your faith once was. It is futile, and arrogant, costly and wasteful. God is not a lie!

You know better than that and you are better than that, America…
Be the you you once were, America the Beautiful.


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