Hey Everybody,

Here’s my first post for the short story I’m beginning with this April. I have the loose story together, but it’s the big story in the book and the title story, so even though I’ve sorta got some together already, I want to start with this one.

Here’s the skinny on this awesome project:

Albert Einstein: Chrononaut is a novella, my target word count for this project is at least 16,000 to 20,000 words. Just because I feel that there is enough concept and content in this short to stretch it to the 75-100 page length.

This short falls in the same genre as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer and Pride, Prejudice & Zombies. It imagines a scenario in which Einstein’s theory of relativity and later work is actually an attempt by Einstein to safeguard the world from a nightmare scenario called “Fallen Future”. His efforts are put in place to prevent time travel from becoming a possibility.

You see, the good Doctor actually invented time travel many years before in Nazi occupied Europe. In this story, Einstein is cast as a sort of time traveling Indiana Jones who protects us from a future where time, fate, and human freedom are controlled by a generation of Nazi’s who try to control everything from a distant “Fallen Future.”

Einstein is only aided by a mysterious figure who calls himself “The Patriot”. Together they have to work together to close off the divergent time spectrum, destroy the Nazi’s Time Net, Prevent the “Fallen Future”, and somehow return Einstein safely back to occupied Europe like nothing ever happened.

I’m super stoked about this novella! I hope you all can read it soon. I’ll keep you posted with updates through the early parts of April. Until then, Godspeed Cybernauts!

Oh and here’s the full cover, just in case the feature image gets cut short:




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