A Huge Round of Thanks! The Close of March and a Look Ahead at April

A Huge Thanks, Some Final Thoughts on March, and What to Expect From Me in April,

I really want to thank everyone who viewed, liked or commented on my blog this month! You all are really great and I appreciate your support for my blog and my writing path.

Thanks to my wife for sharing my blog on her Facebook (she has several thousand more followers than me so it helps tremendously ☺ )

A big thanks to author Stuart Aken for retweeting several of my posts on his twitter page (again, many more followers than I have so it helps)

That coupled with a little more effort on my part to get more posts and more content out there has made this March one of my most successful months of blogging!

On my writing, I’ve made some critical headway on a few different projects. I think that April will be a massive month of writing for me. Last November for Nanowrimo, I really worried that I wouldn’t have the necessary time to devote to the project. When it was all said and done, I only produced around 10,000 words last November. This time it just feels different. I feel like I did in November of 2015 when I kicked out the first draft of Nowhere. I’m pumped up and ready to write.

Here are a few heads-up items for the month of April:

First, I’m beginning my “stay” at Camp Nanowrimo with Albert Einstein: Chrononaut and I’ll keep you posted as the story evolves. I will be starting this one as soon as the whistle blows at midnight tonight.

Second, Once the rough draft of Chrononaut is finished, I’ve decided to move on to A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies Vol1 Chiliagon. I done a lot of work on this one already, but still have several chapters I need to add. I’ll soon have a cover reveal post for this one also!

Lastly, if on April 6th, I find out I’m a semifinalist in the James Patterson Co-Author Competition, I may wind up in the hospital recovering from shock, but afterwards, my April schedule may change drastically! ☺ And yes, YOU WILL DEFINITELY HEAR ABOUT THAT!

Hope I didn’t go too ‘link happy’ with this post. Looking over it there’s a lot of blue text 🙂


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