Cover Reveal! A Brief Word On Hypersleep Studies Vol1 : Chiliagon

Hey Everybody! Hope all is well in your universe,

It’s been an emotional week for me, we had to put our dog to sleep she was almost 13 years old, but on the upside, some ecstatic news, I found out my dad is officially back in remission from a form of Leukemia that he’s been fighting for many years now.  With all that going on plus taxes 😛 I haven’t been writing like I should and haven’t been blogging like I should either. I decided it’s time to catch up on both. I’m at a transition point now where I’m wanting to let Albert Einstein : Chrononaut chill for a few weeks so that I can come back to it and finish up some loose ends. So for the latter half of April, I’ll be focused on finishing A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies Vol1 Chiliagon.

Now I wanted to do something special since Easter is just around the corner and I have this new cover just burning a whole in my pocket. I want everyone to see it!

So without further ado, Here it is!


I hope you like it! I plan on having this first installment out this fall on Kindle. You can currently read the free version (rough version) using the link above, but the finished updated, self published version will be out this fall.



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