Ironing Out The First Draft : April/Nano Recap

So my April Camp Nanowrimo is reaching a close. I’m trying to crunch out words till the the last few minutes of the event.

For the first week I worked on my novella Albert Einstein : Chrononaut. I completed about 6,000 words on it, then I moved to my novella series A Brief Word On Hypersleep Studies and wrote a new chapter for it. Lastly I’ve been working the past week or so on my rough draft of This Boy’s Mind. This will be my second completed novel. Right now the manuscript sits at around 57,000 words. I added two chapters and edited the first 150 pages pretty extensively. I’m working on the second 150 pages now.

Altogether, I firmly believe that my writing routine has started to revolve around Nano now. I’ve participated in 5 Nano events now and each time I feel like Nanowrimo months seem to jump start my writing routine again and then I progressively lose my regiment month after month until the next Nano event.

So here’s the outlook for the next few months. In may, I’ll be coming out with a book of short stories. It’ll be titled The Survivors and Other Stories and will contain most of the shorts that I wrote in 2016. Later this summer, I’m hoping to publish This Boy’s Mind. I’ll keep working on my second book of short stories to be published as Albert Einstein : Chrononaut and Other Stories and also my third novel entitled Horntooth’s Farm. I’m looking toward both for a Fall release date. Finally I will publish finished versions of both A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies and The Boy With Dragon Wings hopefully late this year.

That’s a lot of linking to do in one post! 🙂

Just trust me when I say that I feel like God has given me some epic stories to tell and I’m working really hard to get them all out of my head and on to paper so that you all can read them. It’s taken a long time to get this far. Here’s hoping that 2017 is as big year as I’m planning for.

Wish you all the best,




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