Followers of The Way

Followers Of The Way : By Joshua David


Followers in fleeting autumn days,

and whisperers in the night;

We are but few who pass this time,

in keeping with the Light.

The upright walk and courted heart,

which keeps the dark at bay;

Steel your soul, hold fast my friend,

Ye follower of The Way.

Blessed is the mind which quanders,

all His splendid gifts;

It causes not the heart to wander,

upon the sands that shift.

On solid ground is he who stands,

within the belted gap;

So fervent, broad, bold and true,

that not an ail will sap.

Carry forth the good news,

the message of our Lord,

that has been written on your heart,

today and forevermore.

Keep still and listen,

His voice is wise and true,

He whispers not to fear the end,

by then what’s due is due.

Ghost of one who has come to pass,

and is forever here,

Host of Spirit who’s been sent down;

His word our mouths declare.

You know truth, you know reason,

Don’t let the evil of this world shake you;

You know mercy, you know love,

never-the-more this world can break you.

Give great to others,

and keep little for yourself;

Your treasures are in heaven,

where every ounce is double-delt.

Treat others quite the same,

as want would be your soul,

remember brother, sister,

this is the golden rule.

Our Lord is coming!

Tis sooner the day now, as it ever was!

When every heart will joint proclaim,

blessed is the Lord, our heavenly host!

That day when every knee shall bow,

and His mighty voice will say,

“Your hearts are well with Me,

oh Followers of The Way!”


I hope you enjoyed this post. May God bless you all,   Joshua


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