Super Huge Mondo Anniversary Event!

Okay, so I know I’ve been quiet for a long while now. Almost the entire month of May in fact. I’m breaking the silence today for a special announcement. πŸ™‚

June is a special anniversary month for me. I celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my first short story publication “The Survivors”, published June 2nd 2014. I also celebrate the first year anniversary of my blog! What?!! It’s been one year already you say? Yes, it has been my friend, and so now I want to celebrate.

Join me June 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the celebration.

We’ll begin June 1st when my novel Nowhere will be free both June 1st and 2nd!

Then on June 2nd and 3rd, The Survivors will be free!

Lastly, on June 3rd, I’m releasing my next self published title. In a way it’s a one year anniversary of some of my favorite blog posts, but it’s also an anthology of new, never before seen short stories, but wait… it’s also a new revised and extended version of “The Survivors”!

The Survivors And Other Stories, get it on June 3rd! Check out the wicked cool cover design by author Milo Abrams! πŸ™‚ Good stuff man, I hope y’all like it!

Ironing Out The First Draft : April/Nano Recap

So my April Camp Nanowrimo is reaching a close. I’m trying to crunch out words till the the last few minutes of the event.

For the first week I worked on my novella Albert Einstein : Chrononaut. I completed about 6,000 words on it, then I moved to my novella series A Brief Word On Hypersleep Studies and wrote a new chapter for it. Lastly I’ve been working the past week or so on my rough draft of This Boy’s Mind. This will be my second completed novel. Right now the manuscript sits at around 57,000 words. I added two chapters and edited the first 150 pages pretty extensively. I’m working on the second 150 pages now.

Altogether, I firmly believe that my writing routine has started to revolve around Nano now. I’ve participated in 5 Nano events now and each time I feel like Nanowrimo months seem to jump start my writing routine again and then I progressively lose my regiment month after month until the next Nano event.

So here’s the outlook for the next few months. In may, I’ll be coming out with a book of short stories. It’ll be titled The Survivors and Other Stories and will contain most of the shorts that I wrote in 2016. Later this summer, I’m hoping to publish This Boy’s Mind. I’ll keep working on my second book of short stories to be published as Albert Einstein : Chrononaut and Other Stories and also my third novel entitled Horntooth’s Farm. I’m looking toward both for a Fall release date. Finally I will publish finished versions of both A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies and The Boy With Dragon Wings hopefully late this year.

That’s a lot of linking to do in one post! πŸ™‚

Just trust me when I say that I feel like God has given me some epic stories to tell and I’m working really hard to get them all out of my head and on to paper so that you all can read them. It’s taken a long time to get this far. Here’s hoping that 2017 is as big year as I’m planning for.

Wish you all the best,



Cover Reveal! A Brief Word On Hypersleep Studies Vol1 : Chiliagon

Hey Everybody! Hope all is well in your universe,

It’s been an emotional week for me, we had to put our dog to sleep she was almost 13 years old, but on the upside, some ecstatic news, I found out my dad is officially back in remission from a form of Leukemia that he’s been fighting for many years now. Β With all that going on plus taxes πŸ˜› I haven’t been writing like I should and haven’t been blogging like I should either. I decided it’s time to catch up on both. I’m at a transition point now where I’m wanting to let Albert Einstein : Chrononaut chill for a few weeks so that I can come back to it and finish up some loose ends. So for the latter half of April, I’ll be focused on finishing A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies Vol1 Chiliagon.

Now I wanted to do something special since Easter is just around the corner and I have this new cover just burning a whole in my pocket. I want everyone to see it!

So without further ado, Here it is!


I hope you like it! I plan on having this first installment out this fall on Kindle. You can currently read the free version (rough version) using the link above, but the finished updated, self published version will be out this fall.


Camp Nanowrimo Update

Hello Everyone, I hope Camp is going well for those of you who are participating.

I wanted to take a second to update you on the progress of Albert Einstein: Chrononaut.

First off, I’m happy to say that I have almost 6,000 words on this project. I think that’s still a little behind my goal of 40,000 words for the month, but it is at least coming together.

I ran into a couple of cohesiveness issues and some areas that I want to double check my research on. It’s a bit difficult, because I want to make sure that I get every detail and fact about Einstein correct, but also weave in this whole fictional time line for him. I also have three converging timelines in this story so Einstein for instance must speak of things in the context of early 1900’s technology, while the people of the future need to refer to cutting edge and near future tech.

I’m going to carve out my manuscript and then take a lesson from Author Stuart Aken and go back through it afterwards to make sure I am utilizing the latest and greatest theories surrounding time crystals and gravity waves. Hopefully it won’t seem gimmicky in the long run.

Also, still have my finger’s crossed about the James Patterson Co-Author Competition, we’ll see if I’m on the roster when they post the semi finalists later today.

God bless you all,


The Dream Ghost by Joshua David

I am a restless spirit walking your stairs in the depths of night and shadow.

The floor creeks with my every footfall and the door swings open before my hand.

The air in the room tingles with my charge.

I sit by you as you sleep. Close enough to smell your skin and taste your breath.

I watch the slow rise and fall of your chest and wonder,

How does it feel to be alive and unaware of these other things.

Then I get to my nightly duties of bending low to your ear and whispering your dreams to you.

Tomorrow you will wake, head full of thought, and I will once again be but a shadow.

But sleep for now silent beauty and dream the words I whisper…